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designed to help people, particularly women, learn to love their bodies for what they are capable of, not for how they look.

A Fitness Program Tailored To Keep Your Mind And Body Strong For Life.

“For decades, walking has been my primary way of getting exercise. While I continue to walk regularly, I wanted to add strength-building and cardio to my regimen. Daily and functional, I’ve noticed marked improvement in strength and endurance. Strong4Life has also been a boost to my self-confidence and provides a real sense of accomplishment.”

—Beverly, 71

What Is The

Strong4Life Program?

This program is thoughtfully designed to foster a positive self-perception, focusing on empowering women to embrace their bodies for their remarkable capabilities rather than solely their appearance.

The Strong4Life program is a professionally guided, 60-minute, low-impact, functional fitness class. Crafted to benefit individuals of all ages and physical conditions, our program enhances mental and physical strength. Our primary goal is to shift the emphasis away from numerical scales and redirect it towards tangible accomplishments, such as increased strength capacity, improved mobility for day-to-day movements, and enhanced range of motion for tight joints.

“I feel stronger and more solid on my feet. I am not as embarrassed by my physical limitations as I was

before I started Strong4Life. I am at the gym consistently — working harder, working stronger.”

—Sandy, 59

The Strong4LifeProgram

created for two reasons:

– Reason #1 –

Strong4Life is where you go when you are ready to
commit to fitness for the rest of your life.

Not because of the number on the scale but
because you want to be able to pick up your
grandkids, get up from the floor and chair, haul
those bags of mulch around the garden and reach
for something on a high shelf.

Strong4Life is a functional fitness designed to
improve your self-confidence as well as your

– Reason #2 –

To provide clear guidance on how to best use your body after life has done it's best to break it down. Fostering new life and energy.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear From Some of Our Amazing Strong4Lifers

“As a full-time working professional, I found that as I was aging I needed to keep my body and mind strong for life. I’ve been in Debra’s class for about a year, and I found my community! Joints, muscles and bones are all stronger. I can modify any exercise at any time for any ailments my body is feeling (tendinitis, back pain, etc.). Deb and my newfound CrossFit friends inspire me daily to be my best and keep me coming back.”

—Heather, age 56

“I will be 70 later this year, and for about five years, it has made me sad to realize how hard it had become to get up off the floor if I had to get down there. So when I saw the (social media) post in January, I felt like, ’Yes, this class sounds like it’s made for me.’ I have been working out for seven weeks now. The biggest surprise has been that going to the gym can be fun. The physical changes have not yet been huge, but I can feel small improvements, especially in my legs (they feel stronger). I do find myself now bending more at my knees, not at my waist like I did before when picking something off the floor. Really looking forward to getting better and stronger.”

—Maritza, 69

“I love the feeling that I’m rolling back the clock on my body to a stronger, leaner, more vibrant me. My chiropractor keeps telling me to stay with this because functional movement is very important to your body. Everyone’s happy and so supportive no matter what level you’re on. I love the upward slope in the graph showing my increase in strength. It’s very encouraging.”

—Ritchie, 65

“Strong4Life has changed my life. I’ve never been in a class that I look so forward to. I get excited to get out of bed and head to CrossFit. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. The lovely group of ladies is supportive and encouraging. I see my body shape changing for the better, and my attitude about life itself is better.”

—Tammy, 54

“Strong4Life has surprised me by showing me I am stronger than I thought I was. I’ve told friends that it is a wonderful, supportive group of women. We come from different backgrounds, but in each class, everyone is rooting for each other. Strong4Life really does mean just that — to be able to keep up with your grandchild, enjoy other sports such as skiing and hiking and not become complacent with getting old. You can keep getting stronger as you age!“

—Maryellen, 61

“I tried a regular CrossFit gym, and everyone was so much younger than me, and I couldn’t do the complex moves. It was intimidating. I think I was pretty fit coming into Strong4Life, but I’ve gained .4 pounds of muscle mass, which is good for my age. The group is so much fun, and we all support each other.”

—Christina, 72

When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10 am – 11 am

Where: Somnium CrossFit. 7523 Ave J Norfolk, VA 23513


 ✅ Unlimited classes
 ✅ One-on-one personal goal-setting sessions, including nutritional counseling
 ✅ Regular InBody scans to measure body fat percentage and muscle mass
 ✅ Individual skill sessions
 ✅ Twice monthly yoga
   ✅ Incredible community

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