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The 42-Day Fitness System in Norfolk

Increase Confidence, Gain Motivation, and Reduce Stress in 42 Days


Is This Program Beginner Friendly?

You get to decide how to start! You can dive right in or begin with three complementary one-on-one sessions to learn the movements and get a feel for the workouts before joining the classes. 

Gain Muscle/Tone Up

Gaining lean muscle and toning up requires the same system. We will show you exactly how to do that during our initial weigh-in , laying out the perfect plan for your body type and habits

Lose 10-20 Lbs in The 42 Days

Everyone who has committed to showing up at least three times per week and follows all of our guidance during our weekly/bi-weekly meetings loses an average of 11lbs over the 42 Days. 

Nutrition Simplified

We included personalized meal plans and nutritional guidance to maximize your results. We fit the plan to you, not the other way around. Meaning if you are ready to dive into a full nutrition overhaul, we've got you. If you prefer to ease in by staying consistent on workouts, we can track that too. 


With the most available schedules for CrossFit in Norfolk, we've got you covered for a class that fits you.

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Reduce stress, gain motivation, increase confidence, and learn to train like an athlete at Somnium CrossFit Norfolk.